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Bianca Edwards

Healer. Guide (Coach). Artist.

Sacred Apothecary is a healing practice that honors the medicine we carry in our DNA. Bianca uses guided groundings and plant nourishment that taps into the wisdom in our bodies to honor and develop the medicine living there. 

Sacred is a local sliding scale, community-inspired, healing space committed to the divine in every body wit a focus on relaxing into the deep and reclaiming joy! Doing sacred work means that we must sink into our bodies, listen to & honor the wisdom of our ancestors, generate transformation and embody liberation so we can feel and taste it. So that we can know it from the inside out and live into the satisfaction of it. 

Bianca taps into her divine feminine wisdom and lives it out as a politicized healer, coach, activist, educator and facilitator committed to the embodiment of liberation. For over ten years, her work has centered in movements for Black and Brown freedom, organizing communities in poverty and religious spaces, healing justice and the abolishment of oppressive social systems. She is the founder and director of Sacred Apothecary. Her work is to understand how the embodiment of generationally internalized oppression has helped us survive and hindered us from liberation. Bianca has birthed, organized and co-created sacred healing spaces. She is an intuitive healer, organizing educator, gender-based violence advocate, herbalist, and board member for several organizations (including Hope Springs and Cincinnati Preschool Promise)

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